Social Media Marketing

93% of shoppers are influenced by social media

Add that to the fact that 90% of marketers agree that social media generates more exposure across the board.

Having a professional online presence is crucial in today’s landscape. Social media is now the primary way to stay in touch with current and potential customers, but also to grow revenue. The key to using social media for business is to personify your company. Rather than a corporate entity, your business will be seen as a relatable human. This will increase trust and brand awareness, which in turn will result into sales.

There are many different platforms, and while all free and accessible, can be hard to navigate and maintain. That’s where we come in. Our social media solutions include more than just posting here and there. Using our background in digital marketing, we carefully craft a winning strategy, made just for you.


Our Services

Profile Creation and Optimization

We build your social media accounts on various platforms. Each site works differently—we also optimize your profiles individually for maximum visibility. 


Connection is achieved by engaging with your audience. We do the leg work by finding and responding to comments, tags, hashtags, reposts, etc. appropriately!

Management and Monitoring

We filter through messages, comments, and mentions of your business across all social medias to uphold and protect your brand.


You will have access to detailed analytics featuring performance stats, history, and progress so you can monitor how well your campaigns are doing.

Lead Generation

Automatically discover new leads (mentions of needing a product/service you provide) and engage with them to very effectively get your foot in the door.

Content Creation and Research